About Ed

I am a Fresno based artist, working mainly in abstract and abstract expressionist styles. My work attempts to explore my journey though life, spirituality, relationships and Fresno. My work may (or may not) reflect the influence of Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, and a few other artists that have impacted me.  I was raised in Fresno, CA. and was trained in several disciplines in the Fresno Unified School District, as well as at Fresno Pacific University.  Early on, I was mainly doing sculptural work, but after college i really focused on painting.

As a painter, I try and capture what I see going on around me in life.  I believe that art should be a reflection of what we know and believe.  I tend to work in abstract expressionistic style, and hope that the viewer has to “dig in” to my work and reflect on what they are seeing.  I also hope the viewer will create meaning as they look and consider what the meaning that I have intended.

Solo Shows:

Lanna Coffee Roasters, Fresno Ca. December 2016
Milano Restaurant, Fresno, Ca. July 2009
Parkway Benefit Show, Fresno, Ca. October 2008
California Art Academy – Severance, Fresno Ca., May 2008
Featured Lobby Artist, Fresno Philharmonic, Fresno, Ca. Jan 26-27, 2008
Tower Mosaic Church, Fresno, Ca. June 2007
Salon 637, Fresno, Ca. July 2005
Salon 637, Fresno, Ca. January 2005
Salon 637, Fresno, Ca. June 2004

Group Shows:

Cuvee Restaurant, Fresno, Ca. May 2017
Rogue Festival, Fresno, Ca. March 2010
Rogue Festival, Fresno, Ca. March 2009
Rogue Festival, Fresno, Ca. March 2008
Tower Mosaic Church, Fresno, Ca. July 2007
Rogue Festival, Fresno, Ca. Feb 2007